Judy Spencer's Mother Urges Suspect Held without Bond

(Editor’s note: This is the statement that Judy’s Spencer’s mother, Mildred, read at a hearing Monday in Dent County).

“My name is Mildred Spencer and I am the mother of Judy Spencer. We have prepared a statement from our family regarding bond for Donald Nash.

1. We believe that Donald Nash is a flight risk because he would have nothing to lose by trying to disappear to avoid prosecution. If Donald Nash were to flee, the search could possibly take a lengthy amount of time. He has already eluded law enforcement officers for over 12 hours prior to his arrest, and he has evaded prosecution for 26 years. We are in hopes this matter goes forward in a timely manner due to my health and the health of Judy’s dad, Kenneth Spencer. We deserve to be a part of this. Our wish is to have justice for Judy while we are still living. I am 77 years old, and my husband is 80. The past 26 years have taken a toll on our health, mentally and physically.

2. We believe that Donald Nash is a danger to himself in that he might commit suicide based on the possibility of prosecution for capital murder.

3. We believe that Donald Nash should remain incarcerated for his own safety. The murder of my daughter Judy has affected not only our immediate family but countless number of family and friends throughout the United States and especially in the communities nearby. We feel that Donald Nash would not be safe outside the walls of jail. Our family wants him to stand trial and be held accountable for his actions.

4. We believe that Donald Nash is a danger to society. He is facing life in prison or a possible death sentence. We have lived in fear of him. Judy was my daughter, and he knew we would never give up trying to solve her murder. For 26 years we have feared that we would someday open our front door and find him standing there with thoughts of hurting us. We believe the prosecution will get more information from witnesses if Donald Nash is behind bars.

5. As a family we are all resting easier knowing that Donald Nash is behind bars. We would like for him to remain in jail without bond and would ask that you not consider any type of release to the community.”

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