Raymondville firefighters speak in a Raymondville School classroom.

The Raymondville Volunteer Fire Department recently visited Raymondville School in conjunction with fire safety week.

Carl Watson, Texas County sheriff, also participated.

Fire Chief Guy Ceplina said children were taught fire safety and saw a firefighter in full gear. “Although it is intimidating to some at this age, we feel it is important for the kids to know we are their friends and we may sometimes have to be dressed this way to be able to help others,” he said.

Once classroom visits were completed, the children received their yearly fire truck ride.

Watson explained to the kids some of the things the sheriff department does and let them know at times it is necessary for their department to assist fire departments on calls. He also gave a tour of a vehicle.

“We feel by visiting the kids, we not only get to know them, but hopefully we can prevent accidents through education,” Ceplina said.

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