Foundation completes project to improve speaker system at Hiett Gymnasium

A recent grant from the Houston Education Foundation made possible the replacement of an inferior sound system in Hiett Gymnasium that dates back to the 1970s. It was the foundation’s first large grant made to the school.

Houston High School music instructor Beth Williamson approached the foundation about replacing the old, outdated system. Audience members had a difficult time understanding speakers using the microphone, and music sounds were distorted, according to Williamson. She said it was not adequate for the size of the gymnasium or the various types of programs held in the facility.

The foundation contracted Two Guys Music from Lebanon to install a modern 12-speaker system at a cost of $7,281 that would replace the old one.

“Hiett Gymnasium is used by every student in Houston Schools through sports, music or assemblies. The community also uses the gymnasium for various functions. It is important to be able to hear and enjoy the information being presented,” Williamson said.

The mission of the Houston Education Foundation is to promote education excellence and opportunity beyond the scope of Houston Schools by generating financial resources from private funds. The foundation receives a portion of its funding from school employees who elect to provide a set payroll deduction amount or a one-time annual giving to HEF.

The foundation said it appreciates the teachers’ willingness to give back to their school.

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