Texas County residents were among those attending the recent Missouri State Farm Bureau convention. Front row, from left: Nancy Campbell, Don Luerssen, Leona Luerssen and Betty Adams. Second row: Andy Sodano, Gerald Campbell, Primrose Casey and Gus Adams. Not pictured: Mike and Jared Luerssen 

Texas County representatives to the Missouri Farm Bureau Convention held recently were Andy Sodano, Gerald and Nancy Campbell, Don and Leona Luerssen, Primrose Casey and Gus and Betty Adams.

Several hundreds of delegates from all over the state convened to determine policy for the coming year. Some were very common sense type issues – some were controversial and discussed to the point where the placement of one word in the policy statement became very important.

Each of the delegates had been briefed by the members in their counties and were prepared to carry through with the grassroots consensus. It took two days of close participation by all to accomplish what was necessary, but everyone came away knowing that the direction given by their members at home had been considered. Before presentation of a resolution, a committee was available to assist with wording to express any particular statement. From A to Y, Agriculture to Young Farmers, and 153 pages of items in between, were considered and debated before placing it into the Farm Bureau Policy Manual for 2010.

Texas County Farm Bureau President Don Luerssen accepted four Gold Star Awards for activities this past year, as well as first place in Special Projects Division in connection with the newly implemented Agriculture Career Expo.

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