A church in Guatemala is dedicated.

A Houston connection to mission work in Guatemala will be highlighted during two local presentations Dec. 1.

While on a work and witnessing trip in February, Ken Lawson of Houston learned that the mayor of Chisec was looking for individuals to donate money to provide material for making concrete blocks. They would be used for either building a church, parsonage or Sunday School rooms. The government in Guatemala had decided that by encouraging churches, families would be strengthened and the country would prosper.

When returning back to the United States, Lawson shared the story with family and friends, who quickly took the matter to heart. His grandson, Levi McConnell, began collecting small change that would be placed in a piggy bank for the concrete. Lawson’s granddaughter, Elley Lawson, joined the effort.

From February to October about $50 was raised. In October, Ken and Jeretta Lawson returned to the country to dedicate the church that began in February. On Oct. 22, Lawson presented a $50 bill to Mayor Lima for the concrete blocks. Three days later, 250 blocks were made and sent about 25 kilometers south to Sajal Las Pacaya, Guatemala, to build a parsonage. Lima said the blocks would not be enough to complete the house, but the local government expected the congregation to also help with materials so residents would buy into the project.

The children are the great-grandchildren of Walt and Dorothy Lawson of Houston.

Photographs of the trip will be shown Sunday morning, Dec. 13, at Houston Free Will Baptist Church and that evening at First Church of God in Houston.

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