Police say these bats and hammers were used to extensively vandalize the Big Red Building on the campus of the Houston School District.

Two 15-year-old juveniles are under house arrest, and the Houston School District is compiling a list of damage following a vandalism spree last week that caused “thousands of dollars” in damage.

The two boys, both students at Houston High School, were turned over to the juvenile authorities after they took bats and hammers to nearly everything that could be destroyed — electronic equipment, mirrors, urinals, toilets, telephones — inside the Big Red Building. A fire extinguisher also was discharged and its contents sprayed inside an equipment room that housed uniforms, helmets, footballs and shoulder pads.

Police said entry was gained by breaking a padlock on the middle door of the facility with a sledge hammer.

Houston police arrived at 1:05 a.m. Dec. 23 at the training facility to find a car with two dogs parked on a lot. Officer David Kidwell later heard breaking glass. The two suspects fled and were later found by authorities.

The duo also caused damage at the baseball complex, located directly behind the Big Red Building. The boys broke windows out of the new locker room and concession stand, busted a ceiling fan and turned over a refrigerator in the dugout and apparently beat it with baseball bats.

Because they are juveniles, no names have been released. It will be up to juvenile authorities as to whether the pair are punished through that system or tried as adults.

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