Don Wells

A Texas County state representative has

filed a bill that would give a grant of $5,000 to anyone who builds

a house – regardless of income or size of the project.


Rep. Don Wells, R-Cabool, said House Bill

1634 addresses the home building industry, which affects cities

throughout the state.

“This bill is an effort to put carpenters,

plumbers, electricians, excavators, concrete workers, carpet and

floor layers, sheet rockers, finishers and painters back to work –

not to mention all of the sales of new material and cabinetry,”

Wells said.

The program is capped at $10 million. “It

is a private and public cooperative effort to put our builders back

to work,” Wells said. “The question is: Can the state afford to

give a grant to people who want to build a new home? The answer is

we can not afford to do nothing.”

Wells said the bill would put people back

to work and generate personal income and sales taxes. Additionally,

he said the bill would benefit the entire state – not just small


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