Randy Paray, left, and Stacey D. Karr, both of Belle, were arrested Wednesday after authorities discovered a meth lab near Licking.

Two Belle men were arrested last Wednesday evening and charged with attempting to manufacture methamphetamine.

The Texas County Sheriff’s Department said Randy Paray, 55, and Stacey D. Karr, 48, were arrested at the scene after deputies discovered a methamphetamine lab on Decker Road west of Licking.

Officers seized methamphetamine, anhydrous ammonia, ether, components and a large amount of what was believed to be ephedrine.

Authorities said Paray and Karr were charged with attempting to manufacture a controlled substance, possession of anhydrous ammonia in an unapproved container and felony paraphernalia possession. Karr was also charged with receiving stolen property.

Karr is being held at the Texas County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bond. Paray posted bond for the same amount and was released, according to the sheriff’s department.




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