The Kansas City Chiefs' mascot is the guest speaker at Saturday's True Love Waits rally in Raymondville.

The mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs will be the featured speaker at an event that emphasizes sexual abstinence until marriage.

Dan Meers will address middle and high school students at a “True Love Waits” youth rally beginning at 6 p.m. Saturday at Golden Hills Trail Rides at Raymondville.

Singer/songwriter Kaleb Krueger will lead worship with his Christian music. He has performed at Christian Family Day at Busch Stadium and Six Flags. His songs have been honored at events like GMAC Music in the Rockies and by Focus on the Family.

Meers travels throughout the country and world, entertaining in and out of costume. His career began in 1986 at the University of Missouri as the school mascot, Truman. He soon established himself as one of the top college mascots in the nation. After finishing second in 1988, he was selected the nation’s top college mascot at the 1989 National Collegiate Mascot Championships.

Following graduation, he traded his tiger stripes for bird feathers and began his professional career as Fredbird, mascot for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. After a year with the Cardinals, he was offered a job in professional football and became the Kansas City Wolf.

The program begins with refreshments from 6-6:30 p.m. Some door prizes will be given out.

The event is sponsored by the Texas County Baptist Association.



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