Sandra Botard entertains with a Little House story during the Success School Parent Advisory Committee's "Family Activities Night." Following the reading, the children cut out shapes in cookie dough, drew mirrored images of a thimble, rocked a corncob doll and pretended to churn butter.

The Success School Parent Advisory Committee recently hosted a “Family Activities Night.”

Students and their families participated in several fun learning activities, which included: creating goodies, fun math and reading exercises, interactive Web sites, Little House storytelling, open library, puppet making and smart board lessons.

Activity leaders were Marlene Amick, Metrina Barton, Lynn Blackwell, Sandra Botard, Tracy Dean, Kristy Elliott, Billie Jo Ellis, Tosha Guynn, Peggy Holder, Cheta Shelton, Tina Sutton and Jennifer Swanson.

Volunteers helping with the preparation of the event were Debra Bates, Melanie Elliott, Lynne and Charlie Foster, Sam Hathaway, Malori Ott and Kandy and Gary Reiners.

Student volunteers that evening were Quentin Benson, Jacob Elliott and Success Girl Scout Troop 70123.

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