One of the biggest beneficiaries of the federal Recovery Act is the City of Houston, which received funds to construct a new wastewater treatment facility north of the existing one. Monies from the Recovery Act are paying the lion's share of the million project to build the plant and make

Last winter’s economic stimulus law has put millions of dollars into capital expenditures in Houston, propped up school programs and gave most residents a tax credit.

At least $4.75 million has been allocated for everything from new sidewalks to a new wastewater treatment plant that replaces one first built more than 30 years ago.

Many also received tax relief through tax credits when filing their federal income tax return before last week’s deadline and through credits extended for energy-saving purchases.

Here’s a list of those tapping money from the federal stimulus package to complete projects:

–The big winner is the City of Houston, which received funding to complete a new wastewater treatment project that is now under construction. About $1.75 million comes from a grant, and another $1.75 million came to the city in the form of a loan-interest loan. Another $500,000 rural sewer grant will make improvements in several parts of the community.

–Houston Housing Authority received $106,484 to be used for kitchen rehabilitation at senior and family housing units.

–Funds were used to complete a stretch of the village trail, which extends 1.1 miles around the Houston Memorial Airport. The City of Houston received $142,000 to complete the project.

–The Houston School District received about $250,000 for monies through the Title I program, which aids students who need additional help in school. Another $250,000 was earmarked for special education needs.

Another 10 percent of the state money coming to school districts is coming through the Recovery Act, said Dr. Dan Vandiver, Houston superintendent.

–Texas County Memorial Hospital hopes to receive funds for its electronic medical records project. It is unknown currently what the total will be.

The hospital also is studying tapping funds for the Recovery Act for a proposed 52,000 square foot expansion of the hospital.

–Some residents are receiving funds for weatherization of homes and the purchase of energy-efficient appliances. This week includes a state ales tax exemption for energy-efficient purchases.

–Individuals also received a $400 tax credit and couples tapped $800.

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