Fraud case

The Houston Police Department is investigating a financial fraud case.

Officers received an Internet fraud call from William R. Wortman, 62, of Solo. A debit card number had been used to conduct a Western Union transaction of $207.99. The money was sent to Juarez, Mexico. The investigating is continuing.

In other matters, police:

-Cited Kevin T. Dunn, 16, of 512 Bryan, with failing to yield the right-of-way following an accident Aug. 13 near Bryan and Chestnut. Police said Dunn was backing out of private drive onto Bryan Street when his vehicle struck a car driven by Nikeeta M. Maddox, 23, of Licking.

-Cited Jerry D. Crites, 57, of 204 First St., with disturbance of public peace on Aug. 10 after he was seen shaking his fist and shouting at customers on Grand Avenue, police said.

-Charged Benjiman J. Foster, 17, of Raymondville, with stealing under $500 (shoplifting) at Houston Wal-Mart on Aug. 9. Police said a $10 flash drive was taken.

-Charged John K. Phillips, 50, of Bentonville, Ark., with operating a motor vehicle with no valid driver’s license and failing to exhibit an insurance identification card on Aug. 9.


Charges related to an accident were incorrect in a report last week. Corrected are: Cassandra G. Burns, 41, of Bunker, was charged with failure to register a motor vehicle and failed to exhibit an insurance card. Dorothy A. DeWitt, 61, of Houston, received a failure to yield citation.




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