Robert J. Cantrell

A suspect who assaulted another man and verbally threatened authorities with a gun surrendered early Wednesday morning following a 5 ½ hour standoff.

Lt. Melissa Dunn of the Texas County Sheriff’s Department said Robert J. Cantrell, 39, of Cabool, who forced his way into a home north of Houston on Highway 17, faces resisting arrest and a felon in possession of a firearm charges. Dunn said he is being held in the Texas County Jail in lieu of $500,000.

According to Dunn, authorities were called to the residence Tuesday night after receiving a domestic dispute call. She said no one was at the scene. Authorities left and an hour later, received another 911 call from the same residence.

County deputies arrived to find a white male who had been assaulted. Dunn said the man, who had fled to a neighbor’s home, had swollen eyes and missing teeth.

Cantrell, who Dunn described as an ex-boyfriend, was standing in the yard of the residence where the assault occurred. Dunn said he had forced his way into the home by removing an air conditioner and climbing through the window.

Cantrell did not cooperate with authorities.

“The suspect was not cooperative, refused to put down the weapon and threatened on numerous occassions to shoot deputies,” Sheriff Carl Watson said.

Dunn said authorities made contact with a woman, who she described as an ex-girlfriend, and child inside the home. The woman said she was not being held against her will and left out the back door.

A negotiator with the Missouri State Highway Patrol reached Cantrell on his cell phone and spoke with him until the phone died, according to Dunn. She said because of the terrain and lighting, authorities were unable to get closer than 50 yards away from Cantrell.

Around 3:30 a.m., Cantrell sat down and was arrested without incident.

“This appeared to be a domestic situation,” Dunn said.

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