Authorities said this cobra at a house north of Houston bit its owner, who was flown to a St. Louis hospital with critical injuries. The man has since been released.

A Houston man who was hospitalized after being bitten by his pet cobra has sold his exotic snakes, according to Lt. Melissa Dunn of the Texas County Sheriff’s Department.

Dunn said the man, who was flown to a St. Louis hospital after he was bitten on the finger last month, contacted partners he knew in the snake trade business and sold the animals. He possessed many snakes, including two boa constrictors, three rattlesnakes and two cobras, inside his home near Twin Bridges.

Dunn said the man and his wife do not face charges and have no restrictions to purchase more exotic snakes.

“We reminded them of the law that if they got anymore, they needed to contact us,” Dunn said.

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