Marty W. Overby

As of Saturday afternoon, one less fugitive was loose in the Ozarks.

After receiving a phone tip, Texas County Sheriff’s Department authorities apprehended murder suspect Marty W. Overby, 35, around 2:30 p.m. off of Highway EE about five miles southwest of Cabool.

Along with his ex-wife, Candace Darlene Richardson, Overby, of 826 Main Street in Cabool, is charged with first-degree murder in Ozark County.

Officials there say the pair is responsible for the death of Charles Peterson, whose remains were found in September in the rubble of a burned out mobile home in the Spring Creek area. Overby and Richardson, who is already in custody in Ozark County, reportedly stole money and drugs from Peterson, then caused an explosion and fire that killed him.

Texas County Sheriff Carl Watson said authorities had previously searched for Overby in the same area. Two weeks ago, TCSD officers searched the same property where he was found and last week a cave in the vicinity was searched.

Overby did not resist when found.

“I think he was ready to give up,” Watson said.

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