Jim Atkinson, a Licking native, and his wife developed this filter that they say shortens drying time.

A Licking native and his wife have developed a filter that they say attaches to electric clothes dryer vents and returns the hot moist air back into the home without any smell or lint.

Jim and Sandy Atkinson, who live in Washington, Mo., developed the Dryernet. They proclaim it is a “new, green product that saves money and makes your home more comfortable.”

The filter is a specially coated fabric that is non-flammable up to 485 degrees. Air coming out of the dryer is approximately 150 degrees and when released into the home, cuts down on furnace use. In testing, the Atkinsons said they saved about $20 a month on their heat bill.

The filter shortens drying time because of better airflow from the dryer, the Atkinsons say. The Dryernet also releases humidity from the drying clothes, cutting down on static electricity and making breathing easier with moister air.

Dryernets are now selling briskly in Alaska, Wisconsin, the

New England states, and New York. The Dryernet can save you


Fall and winter are coming soon. The Dryernet can be

purchased at Bubba’s Shrimp, 216 Elm St, Washington, MO or

mail order call 636-388-2808 or dryernet.com.

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