Jim Bathon

A glance at Houston school board candidate Jim Bathon:

Background information: 34 years old; married to Jennifer for 16 years; two children attending Houston Schools, Ashtin, a sophomore, and Griffin, an eighth grader; nieces and nephews also attend Houston; employed as assistant manager O’Reilly’s in Houston and worked there more than 15 years; graduated from Houston High in 1995, then attended Drury University and received a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

How do you see the school district progressing forward in these tight budgetary times?

I think the school board needs to be cautious of the administration it hires and the contracts that they agree to accept. Making mindful decisions that will benefit all involved, including children, parents and administration is a must.

Explain how budget cuts could be made in the district without sacrificing the integrity of district curriculum.

Without thoroughly looking over the budgets for several months and discussing with the appropriate people I don’t have any recommendations for budget cuts in the district.

Describe what you consider to be the current strengths of the district.

Some of the current strengths of the district are the people in it that are working toward the betterment of all the children. Both as employees and volunteers the district has some very caring and dedicated people involved. Without these caring individuals the school district would become very weak.

What are the areas in the most need of improvement within our district? How do you propose to make the improvement(s)?

The administration needs improvement. We need good people in the administration then we can get good people in the other positions as well. Leadership is the beginning of a good school district.

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