Robert Enfield Sr.

A glance at Houston school board candidate Robert Enfield Sr.:

Background information: 38 years old; married to Traci Enfield for 16 years; four children; Whitnie, R.J., Alex and Tanner, all who attend Houston R-1 Schools; lives on a small farm in Houston; strong supporter of the FFA; graduated from Bohemia Manor High School in Chesapeake City, Md., in 1991; attended classes for Fire Science and Emergency Medicine at the Maryland Institute of Fire and Rescue; holds many certifications on state and national levels; attended vocational school for Agriculture Science and Animal Production; was transport engineer by trade for 14 years until 2007, when had an accident and became disabled.

How do you see the school district progressing forward in these tight budgetary times?

I see the school district progressing forward in these tight budgetary times by developing a reasonable budget; using sound strategy, and making wise decisions. I believe the budget needs adjustments to improve the needs for the schools. Saying so, I think I bring forward some of the most important improvement ideas needed to make changes, for the bright futures at Houston.

Explain how budget cuts could be made in the district without sacrificing the integrity of district curriculum.

Keeping the integrity of our district curriculum is essential, in doing so cutting budgets of those who will be least effected is key. Realizing what makes Houston known for and what doesn’t will help with the budget cuts. I want to insure that the key classes and Vocational classes are given the respect they deserve because I am a firm believer that these are what shapes Houston and ensures the kids to become successful in these tight times.

Describe what you consider to be the current strengths of the district.

The current strengths of the district from my point of view are the vocational classes. I consider the agriculture, family consumer & science and business classes to be the strongest because they prepare the students for life after high school.

What are the areas in the most need of improvement within our district? How do you propose to make the improvement(s)?

As a parent of students from the school district, I know that the campus standards and handicap accesses are in the most need. I think that focusing on our budget and using it wisely to show the community what their money is being used for is an improvement needed as well.

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