Tadd McCloud

A glance at Houston school board candidate Tadd McCloud:

Background information: 33 years old; married to Dana (Hancock) McCloud; four children, three who presently attending Houston Middle School; graduated from Houston High School in 1997 and has lived here most of his life; local business owner of McCloud Construction, managing and coordinating a crew of six employees; along with family, involved in the community and attend Faith Fellowship Church; president for the Houston Tiger Booster Club; member of the Diamond Club, Middle School Athletic Club and Fair Board; assistant Mighty-Mites coach

How do you see the school district progressing forward in these tight budgetary times?

I will strive to move the school district forward regardless of the current budget condition. It will take parent and community support to remain positively focused on education during this crucial time. The faculty and school board must work closely together to manage the resources available despite having less funding. We can accomplish this by focusing on the importance of what is best for students and keeping their education a priority. As parents, teachers, and a community, we don’t have the option but to move forward, and do what is best for the students, less we have failed.

Explain how budget cuts could be made in the district without sacrificing the integrity of district curriculum.

Budget cuts are unavoidable, difficult, but have to be made. Before any budget cuts are made we need to carefully examine what is relevant to the students and their education. We need to look at the money we are already spending and make sure it’s being used effectively and justifiably in all areas. One way to save money would be having a few members of the coaching staff licensed to drive buses to sporting events or extra-curricular activities during the school day. Another way to possibly save money would be to coordinate our purchases with other school districts on basic materials. Examples would consist of: buying things in bulk, such as paper, ink, books, computers, teacher supplies and other requisites.

Describe what you consider to be the current strengths of the district.

One of the current strengths of the district is the recently hired staff. I feel this is a giant step in the right direction for making positive changes within the school district. Another strength the district has is the current collaboration between the teachers. This has led them to establish a solid curriculum to close the gaps between students from year to year. A strong point right now is the fact that the Houston community is ready to see a positive change in our school system and they are prepared to support all efforts to make this happen!

What are the areas in the most need of improvement within our district? How do you propose to make the improvement(s)?

One area in great need of improvement with in our district is the current morale among staff members. By establishing a strong administration and staff that will work together, this will be the foundation to building a greater school district. Another area of improvement would be the parents and community following the chain of command within the school system. The chain of command consists of: parents to teachers and coaches; teachers and coaches to principal; principal to superintendent; and superintendent to school board; school board to community. (i.e. community attendance and involvement in school board meetings). As a school board member I would put great effort into any decisions pertaining to the positive improvements of our school district. As a parent, and actively involved community member, I would like nothing more than to see our school excel in all areas.

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