The parable of the Prodigal Son

*Editor’s note: This story was written by Michele Moseley, a nurse for the Houston School District, and appeared in a magazine, “The Gym.”

I have often wondered why the mother was never mentioned in the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15).  As we know, the momma heart and the daddy heart responds differently to their kids. Here are my thoughts on the Prodigal Son’s momma.

The day the prodigal son left was one of the worst days of her life. Can you see her going about her chores, half heartedly because all she could think about was her son?  Her heart was breaking into a million pieces.  I can picture her looking at the clock and thinking, “It’s almost lunchtime. I hope my son has enough to eat.” Or, perhaps at bedtime her thought might be, “I hope my son has a safe warm place to stay. I hope he remembers to read his Bible and say his prayers.”

While working in the house, she looks out a window and sees her husband and eldest son. “There should be one more out in the field”, she thinks. Quickly, she turns her head with tears streaming down her face.   

During the evening meal, I can see her turning to her husband and asking, “Tomorrow could we go into the city and check on our son?” Her husband frowns, shakes his head and sadly replies, “No, the boy has to learn on his own.”  She leaves the table before her husband sees the tears flowing from her eyes.

Nighttime would be her worst time of the day.  She would lie in bed crying, praying to God to bring her son home.  Her pillow would be wet from her tears.  Many nights she would cry herself to sleep while begging God for her son’s safe return.

Everyday would be filled with tears and prayers for her son.  She would ask friends if they had heard anything about her son.  Upon hearing of his chosen lifestyle, her heart would break a little more.  She would find a quiet place and fall on her knees crying out to God.

One day while she is working around the house, she hears her husband shout, “He’s home! He’s home!”  She looks out the window and sees her husband running down the road.  Down the road, she can just make out a figure walking up the drive. She knows that walk!  That is the walk of her youngest son.  Instantly, she falls on her knees and with tears freely flowing, she lifts her hands and praises God for his mercy and grace.  She gives God all the praise, honor and glory for her son’s safe return.

This is just my guess abut what occurred in the life of the prodigal son’s mother.  We don’t know the facts because her story was never recorded in the Bible. But, I know the heart of a momma and I know that momma’s pray for their children continually. When their children are out of God’s will, it breaks their momma’s heart.  As the old saying goes, “A mother is just as happy as her saddest child.”  God hears the prayers of Godly mothers and He see their tears.  Through faith in God the victory will be won.

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