Two bikers got their tutus on for Children’s Miracle Network last Thursday evening. 

Todd Dorman of Houston and Bruce Foster of Success, donned tutus made by Houston resident Brittany Weinpert after raising $106. The pair posed for pictures with visitors and attendees of the July cruise in. The funds were transported to the Houston Walmart where they were donated to the CMN fund. 

The tutus were donated to unsuspecting children inside the store.  

Twenty-four bikes and trikes attended the evening’s event, enjoying the grill works of Jay York. Much visiting and appreciating of bikes was done.  Congratulations to Neil Jones who revealed his larger more comfy ride to the group, a Yamaha Road Star.  We were pleased that a hotrod classic also to join us for the evening, a slick black Chevelle driven by Jerry Snyder. 

Neil Jones, Bruce Foster and Mike Rackers competed in the mounted target shoot. Armed with loaded pistols, their ammunition was different colored water. 

All were eliminated but Foster, who was able to ride the course without putting his feet down, shooting the targets, completing the event.  A slow race was won by Robert Barnhart, who credited his current physical fitness and balance to Kathy Bruns Weakley, a personal trainer he has been working with. Barnhart went through several levels of competition and ultimately raced against a mean machine – Black Betty – with myself as the rider. 

Great job to all participants! 

Don’t miss the August cruise in, at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 21, at Emmett Kelly Park. 

Keep it in the wind – until then, ride safe.

Kerry York is a lady rider and resident of Houston, Mo., who coordinates monthly Houston Downtown Cruise-In events from spring to fall. Past versions of her column are posted on the blog page at  Email

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