A Raymondville teenager was selected to participate in a prestigious dance competition.

Lydia Dixon, 13, attended the International Ballet Competition Dance Intensive in Jackson, Miss., each of the past four years. Drawing outstanding young dancers from throughout the nation and abroad, the IBC dance intensive serves as a testing ground for young dancers with the potential to someday be among the world’s best. When they reach the age of 16, IBC offers dancers a chance to receive lucrative scholarships and employment by some of the world’s top ballet companies.

Dixon has been a member of Dollie Hodge’s Ozark Ballet/Dance Theatre for eight years. She is the daughter of Rick and Lisa Dixon.

“Her listening skills and ability to take instruction were readily apparent to me,” Hodge said. “It is gratifying when a dedicated student and supportive family realize the importance of dance to the world of the arts. This is integral to the development of young talent, and Lydia’s class work reflects this outlook.”

Dixon not only attended the International Ballet Competition Dance Intensive, she also brought home its highest honor. She was one of eight students in the group of 240 to receive a “faculty encouragement award” based on her talent, potential and work ethic.

Dixon’s next performance will honor her friend and fellow dancer Caroline Dunn, who is departing for college. The performance is 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 5, at the Houston Housing Authority Residence Center.

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