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While costumes and candy are fun for humans, their furry friends may not be as excited for the upcoming festivities. Halloween can be stressful for pets, so it’s important for pet parents to know the top tips for a safe and fun celebration. The Humane Society of Missouri offers the following advice to keeping pets happy this Halloween.

•Keep pets safely inside, away from trick-or-treaters and other Halloween activities, to ensure they don’t become frightened or feel threatened at the sight of noisy, costumed children.

•Frequently opened doors provide a perfect opportunity for escape, which can go unnoticed during all the commotion. Keep cats in a separate room and dogs on a leash to avoid problematic situations. Be sure all pets wear collars with ID tags in case of accidental escape.

•Don’t take the family dog along for trick-or-treating. Dogs may become difficult to handle during the noise and confusion of the festivities.

•Cats, especially black ones, may be the target of pranksters. Black cat owners are advised to keep their cats safely indoors during the Halloween season.

•Keep candy out of your pet’s reach. Candy can be harmful to pets and chocolate is toxic and potentially life-threatening to cats, dogs and ferrets.

•Keep pets away from decorations. Flames in jack-o-lanterns and candles can quickly singe, burn or set fire to a pet’s fur.

•Only put pets in a costume if you are sure they will enjoy it. Keep in mind most pets dislike the confinement of costumes and masks. 

For more Halloween pet safety tips visit the Humane Society of Missouri website at

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