Know your neighbor

— A feature highlighting citizens of the Houston area.

Travis Parish

Residence: Licking (lifelong Texas County resident). Birthday: Feb. 25.

Occupation: Co-owner, Sharp Shooters Gun and Pawn and Pop’s Trophy (Houston).

Family members: Parents, Gary and Sue Parish of Houston; daughter Shiane, 8, and son Landon, 3; grandparents Bob and Alice Lynch of Houston. Education: Graduate of Houston High School. Favorite food: Pasta.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla bean.

Favorite form of meat: Kansas City strip steak. “I like the flavor, and it has a lot tighter grain than a lot of steaks.”

Favorite beer: “I flop back and forth between Michelob AmberBock and Coors Light, depending on whether I want a dark beer or light beer.”

Favorite thing to cook: “I’m a griller. I don’t really care what it is, but I like to grill. I like vegetables on the grill and I’ll basically grill the whole meal.” Chinese food — fork or chopsticks: Fork.

Best place I ever ate at: Santarpio’s Pizza in Boston. “They cooked the pizza in a brick oven and it was probably three inches thick. That was about six or seven years ago, and I’ve never eaten anything that compared anywhere close to that pizza.”

Two my favorite activities: “I like to get out and play with the kids — not matter what we might be doing, whether it’s swimming, playing ball or whatever — and I enjoy fishing. I like to catch bass, but most of the time it’s just whatever I can catch.” Number of states I’ve set foot in: 25.

Place I’d most like to visit: Australia. “I see the wildlife and the waterfalls and everything else that’s there on TV and I would just like to see it in person.”

Favorite kind of music: “I listen to almost anything, but I don’t really care for the new country. I like to listen to 80s, 90s and 2000s hits on the radio.”

Favorite musical artist: “If I had to pick somebody and listen to them for the rest of my life it would be either the Steve Miller Band or Eric Clapton.”

Favorite movie: “Speed.”

Favorite zoo animal: Giraffe. “I always try to look at things logically, and I never could understand how something with such a long neck could still hold its head up.”

Favorite sports teams: St. Louis Cardinals (MLB) and Kansas City chiefs (NFL).

All-time favorite athletes: NFL quarterbacks Joe Namath and Dan Marino.

Memorable moment playing sports: “One of the guys I was playing baseball with knocked a line drive off of Dustin Merckling’s forehead. I remember his coach asking him if he was OK and he said he was fine. It wasn’t but about a half second later he just wilted to the ground and was out cold. Not that it was a funny moment, but was kind of funny that he was good enough to say he was fine and then was completely out right after that.”

Favorite board game: Monopoly.

Favorite card game: Spades (or “pitch”).

Favorite plant: Estella o’day daylily. “They always come back every year no matter what you do to them; they’re just a super low maintenance and beautiful flower.”

Favorite tree: “I like a dogwood in the spring.” All-time favorite politician: President Ronald Reagan. “He was in there during as tough a time as any of them and he came out on top of 90-percent of it.”

Favorite school subject: Math. “Because I use it in every-day life. I use it in the pawn shop and for measurements in the trophy shop. There was so much stuff I learned in school that I have yet to use in my life, but I use math on an hourly basis, if not a minutely basis.”

Least favorite school subject: English. “To and too — there, their and they’re — our language is probably the most misinterpreted and hardest to understand that there is. Just because something means one thing in a certain place, doesn’t mean it means it in another position, and that was hard for me. I like things to be black-and-white and I hated that gray area in English, therefore I wasn’t very good at it.”

What I like about living in the Ozarks: “I really like the people and the scenery. There aren’t many places where you can drive for an hour and see the things you can see in the Ozarks.”

Just savins…

Regarding the two presidential candidates: “I think that sometimes you might not be voting for somebody as much as you are against something. I don’t know that anybody is right for that position after what we’ve had for the past eight years, and I don’t see any one person being able to change where we’re at. But I think one of the candidates will surely keep us headed in the wrong direction and even make things worse, whereas the other might possibly nullify that and maybe get us going in the right direction. But as far as one of the candidates changing it all themselves, I don’t think that will happen. We’ve let things go way too far for way too long. But in the situation we have, I think people really need to stop and think about voting for who they think is the lesser of two evils.”

Regarding the City of Houston: “Houston is going to have to turn back into a manufacturing community instead of a service community. I think the city council and city administrator need to get together and make some concessions to get some businesses back in here. And it’s not just them; the chamber and everyone else needs to get together instead of everyone wanting to be their own closed, hush-hush group. There just needs to be more transparency between all of them before something really good is going to happen.”

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