Know your neighbor

— A feature highlighting citizens of the Houston area.

Todd Dorman

Residence: Houston (Denver, Colo., native).

Birthday: Jan. 12.

Occupation: Collision center manager, Romines Motor Co. (Houston).

Family members: Son, Tanner Carter, 18, of Bucyrus; brother, Tim, of Warrensburg; sister, Tammy Brady, of Tulsa, Okla.

Education: Attended Houston and Rolla high schools; Rolla Technical Institute.

Favorite food: Lasagne. “There are only two or three people I know who can make it the way I really like it, but even when it’s not that good, it’s still the best food in the world.”

Favorite ice cream flavor: “Peanut Butter Panic.”

Favorite cereal: Raisin bran. “It doesn’t matter if it’s Post or Kellogg’s even though they say Post comes with two scoops of raisins.”

Favorite form of meat: Grilled or barbecued beef or pork.

Least favorite food: Brussels sprouts. “They’re disgusting – the taste and the texture. They make me sick.”

Best place I ever ate at: Golden Corral. “It fits my budget and I like the way they grill steaks.”

Favorite thing to cook: Chili and spaghetti. “I can cook about anything, but those are my favorites.”

Chinese food – fork or chopsticks?: Fork.

Favorite activity: Motorcycle riding. “It’s hard to describe it to people who haven’t done it in a way they understand, but when you get on a bike, it’s all open air. When you’re riding on highways – especially in the spring – you can smell the flowers and the trees and all the scents of nature. Of course you can also smell dead animals. But seeing different areas you haven’t been to from on a bike – you just feel more blessed and you appreciate what God has made.”

Number of states I’ve set foot in: 20.

Place I’d most like to visit: Ireland. “My ancestry is from Germany, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. But I’d like to experience the history of Ireland, and see the landscape and buildings.”

Favorite kind of music: Older rock.

Favorite musical artist: Van Halen. “They were good with David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar and I can’t take away from either one of them. David Lee Roth helped Van Halen become what they were and Sammy Hagar just made it another era of Van Halen. I like them both.”

Favorite movies: “Braveheart” and “Titanic.”

Favorite TV shows: “Deadliest Catch” and “Street Outaws.”

Favorite actor: Mark Wahlberg. “He’s pretty versatile and he does good whether it’s action or comedy.”

Favorite zoo animal: Elephant.

Favorite sports teams: St. Louis Cardinals (MLB), Denver Broncos (NFL).

All-time favorite athlete: St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Ozzie Smith.

Memorable moment playing sports: “When I was in seventh grade, we were always scrimmaging eight grade. I played a lot of positions, but I think I was at defensive end at that time and I went up to the coach and asked if I could sack the quarterback. He gave me permission, and I busted through and sacked him. I got up and looked at him and he was smiling from ear to ear.”

Favorite board game: Monopoly. “It’s time-consuming, but it’s still a great game.”

Favorite plant: Fern.

Favorite tree: Dogwood.

All-time favorite politician: President John F. Kennedy. “He was a peoples’ president. There’s always that theory that some people didn’t like him and about his being shot multiple times, and I think he was taken away from us. But I thought he was the best.”

Favorite school subject: History. “I like learning about our past and things people before us accomplished that people actually appreciated. Now it wouldn’t matter what you do, nobody appreciates anything.”

Least favorite school subject: Math. “In the beginning, I could nail adding and subtracting, but then came dividing and it became hard. And algebra? Forget it.”

A surprising fact about me: “Maybe it’s not surprising, but I think it might be a bad thing that I’m too sarcastic. And at times I may be joking, but if you don’t know me you might not think I’m joking. Sometimes when I say something or ask a question or make a comment, unless you know me you might think I’m serious when I’m not. You might look at me like, ‘is he serious?'”

Just saying…

Regarding the two main presidential candidates: “There is too much evidence with Hillary Clinton that there was a lot of crooked politics. Things have already raised questions about her methods, and about the way she’s wanting to run our country. Donald Trump isn’t perfect, but he is a businessman and has influences in other parts of the world. I think he could do a lot better, even though he’s not a politician.”

The key to the future of Houston: “I hate to say it, but it seems like we’re becoming more of a retirement community. I think the big key to helping Houston is to try to keep our kids here by offering them some reason to stay. We have to do more with economic development and do more to bring in better jobs. I hate to see so many parents raise their children here knowing they believe in the values of a small town and a close community, but then having to ship their children off to other cities and states so they can make a good living. I think we can still stay half-way small and offer more places of employment, and ones that go beyond minimum wage. My girlfriend worked at a place west of town for a while, but she got paid minimum wage and couldn’t get in a 40-hour week half the time. When you’re paying for child care and you’re forced to pay for expensive healthcare coverage, what good is your minimum wage paycheck?”

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