I am Kris Neal, and I am running for Texas County clerk to fill the unexpired team of the former county clerk, Don Troutman. I was appointed by the Texas County Commission as the county clerk in October 2015. In November 2015, I received the appointment of Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon. I would like to thank the county commission for their faith in me to fill this vacancy and also their letter of support to the governor to be able to serve the residents of Texas County.

I worked as deputy clerk in the clerk’s office for 20 years before my appointment. Over the years, I have worked with many individuals through the county; township officials, school superintendents, city and village clerks, library board, health center board and habilitation board members, water district boards and election judges. I am familiar with the day-to-day operations of the county clerk’s office.

As county clerk, I am also the budget officer, election authority, clerk to the county commission, clerk to the board of equalization and board of appeals, and the officer in charge of preparing the annual county financial. The county clerk assists all of the political subdivisions in Texas County in setting their tax levies. The office is also responsible for reporting to the Missouri state auditor’s office, State Tax Commission, Missouri Department of Revenue, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, entering all tax levies and extending tax books and statements for the county, cities, railroad and utilities, payroll for county employees and accounts payable, inventory for the county and also filing of local candidates for elections. My staff is very dedicated and has been since the transition in October 2015.

I am a lifelong resident of Texas County and graduated from Houston High School in 1973. I have a daughter, son-in-law and four grandchildren.

It has been my pleasure to serve the residents of Texas County as your county clerk. I would be honored to continue serving in this position. Working as the county clerk and election authority has left me less time to campaign door-to-door and I apologize for that. I will try to visit with as many people as time allows. I would appreciate your vote and support in the Nov. 8 General Election. Thank you.

Kris Neal

This is one in a series of profiles of local candidates on the Nov. 8 General Election ballot.

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