Winners in Houston’s home decoration contest were announced: First place for outside decorations went to the Don Burch residence and winner of the first prize in door decorations went to Miss Audrey Bandy. Other winners were the Kenneth B. Ross, Leland Farley, Howard Shoemaker, Bob Gladden, Theron Day and George Boesl residences.

Indicative of the sudden changes in the weather, the mercury dropped to three degrees below zero on Christmas morning.

Mrs. Lola Medlock of Raymondville has purchased a woman’s clothing store on Grand Avenue from Mrs. Bessie Donnelson. The store will be known as Gayla’s Style Shop.

Snow and ice covered the Ozarks resulted in dangerous highway conditions but no serious automobile accidents were reported. The sudden change in weather, however, caused many postponements of Christmas visits. One family looking for relatives from New Mexico found themselves with loads of extra food, so neighbors were called in to help reduce the surplus.

The City of Cabool had a special Christmas present — new dial telephones.

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