A Houston insurance firm has purchased commercial property on South Sam Houston Blvd. and plans to begin construction of office quarters.

Justin Shelby said last week he has acquired a one-acre tract at Holder Drive and South Sam Houston Blvd. from Sandra Manier and will construct a 3,500 square foot building to house his State Farm Insurance agency.

Shelby, who has been the local agent since October 2011, said he was visiting with contractors and hoped to begin construction later this year. In addition to the corner lot, the transaction includes property west of a Walmart Supercenter entrance on Holder Drive.

In September 1975, a storm struck and leveled a portion of the building that was owned by Holder Construction Co. Since that time, a portion of the structure was used as office space, but has been idle for many years. Shelby said a portion of the building will be incorporated into the new construction and the remainder of the lot may be developed later.

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