Bryan is an Oklahoma native and is a long-time veterinarian who owns the Texas County Veterinary Clinic in Houston. He and Jeannine are both impressed by their kids’ progress as fiddlers.

“I like it,” Bryan said. “When they first started out there was a lot of screeching, but now they’re playing good music. They’ve really come a long way.”

“It’s been fun to experience this through them,” Jeannine said.

Along with practicing once or twice a day at home, all three Buttress siblings receive weekly instruction from award-winning fiddler Junior Marriott and his wife, Cathy, of Ava. Riley plays an instrument formerly owned by Junior Marriott, who used it to win at least one major championship.

While they currently practice and play individually, the eventual goal is for the trio to become proficient at fiddlin’ together.

“That would be a great thing for all of them,” Jeannine said.

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