The Missouri Pilots Association held a Poker Run on Saturday, Oct. 7, ending at  the Mountain View airport.  Because of the weather, only seven airplanes participated.  At one time during the day, the wind was 30 knots gusting to 35 and some of the airports were covered with low ceilings and rain showers.  The day finished with a fish fry at the Vaughn hangar and prizes awarded. 

The airports included were: Ava, Cabool, Houston, Mansfield, Mountain Grove, Mountain View, Thayer, Van Buren, West Plains and Willow Springs. 

The pilot who traveled the was Shannon Ennis of Virginia Beach, Va.  He was awarded a hand painted airplane lamp.  The highest hand (a straight flush) was won by Jerry Pfister, Raymondville; the worst hand was a tie between Mike Ennis, Eminence; and Larry Johnson, Ava.

Winners of high cards at each airport were: Ava, Bob Coats; Cabool, Glenda Ennis; Houston, Bob Crandell; Mansfield, Mike Ennis; Mountain Grove, Vikki Witte; Mountain View, Mike Vaughn; Thayer, Phyllis White; Van Buren, Carol Coats; West Plains, Ray Fine; and Willow Springs, Max Bradley.

Winners of low cards at each airport were: Ava, Pat Storm; Cabool, Mike McElmurry; Houston, Donna Crandell; Mansfield, Pat Deidiker; Mountain Grove, Hannah Chatman; Mountain View, Brenda Bradley; Thayer, Clint Allen; Van Buren, Shannon Ennis; West Plains, Matt Chatman; and Willow Springs, Tom Young. The remaining participants who did not win anything were given a choice of the prizes left when their name was drawn. 

The Missouri Pilots Association awarded $5 to each participant.

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