A Mountain View man is held on $750,000 bond and faces four felony charges and one misdemeanor after allegedly hunting illegally and then fleeing from law enforcement.

Devin K. Cooper, 22, of 6227 County Road 3020 at Mountain View, is charged with felonies of resisting arrest by fleeing, escape from confinement, unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance, and misdemeanor pursuit of wildlife illegally.

Authorities said the agent was on patrol near Bells Road at Summersville at about 10:15 p.m. Tuesday and observed a white Jeep Grand Cherokee make a sweeping turn as it pulled into a lane where the agent’s vehicle was, lighting up an adjacent field as well as the patrol vehicle.

The Jeep reportedly quickly reversed course and sped away.

The agent believed the Jeep’s occupants were “head lighting” the field for deer and pursued. As the agent approached to make a stop, the Jeep sped up and was moving too fast for the road conditions and left the agent behind.

The Jeep then reportedly turned onto Highway W and then onto Jacks Fork Road before it crashed and came to rest on its side in a ditch.

After a tow truck arrived and put the Jeep upright again, the agent reportedly observed a Marlin .30-.30 rifle and a bright LED flashlight inside. Further inspection then revealed a glass smoking device and a metal box containing several drug-related items.

During the investigation, Cooper – who was a passenger in the Jeep – was handcuffed with his hands behind his back and seated in the front seat of the agent’s vehicle, with the seat belt on and all doors closed. After the agent questioned him about the glass pipe, Cooper reportedly somehow wriggled out of the handcuffs and seat belt and fled into the adjacent woods.

The agent apprehended Cooper the next day at his grandmother’s house. He returned the handcuffs and an LED spotlight he had swiped from the agent’s vehicle before fleeing, according to a report.

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