A blaze of suspicious nature damaged a house in Raymondville on Thanksgiving afternoon.

A Thanksgiving Day house fire in Raymondville is under investigation by the state fire marshal’s office.

Raymondville Fire Department Chief Mike Jackson said four trucks and 12 personnel from his department responded to the 2 p.m. fire along with two trucks and four men from the Houston Rural Fire Department and the City of Houston Fire Department’s ladder truck and four men.

Jackson said the fire began in the front area of the structure and was contained before destroying it.

Houston Rural Chief Don Gaston said three firefighters made entry into the burning house and were able to pinpoint the hottest spots. The blaze was ultimately contained and snuffed before spreading to much of the house.

“We were able to save most of it,” Gaston said. “Once you get inside, you can use a thermal imaging camera and find out where the fire is at and put it out pretty quick. Those cameras make a big difference; you can tell where the hot spot is even through the smoke.”

Jackson said Raymondville FD personnel were on scene for about five hours.

“A lot of guys missed their Thanksgiving,” he said. “We had someone go to McDonald’s and bring back a bunch of McRibs. That’s what they ate for Thanksgiving.”

As the fire marshal investigated, Jackson and his department assisted.

“We would shovel out debris and wash everything clean where he wanted to look around,” Jackson said. “And of course, it’s a crime scene, so we have to be careful to maintain a chain of evidence.”

About two hours earlier the same day, a deputy responded to the same house regarding a report of property damage.

A 39-year-old woman who owns the home showed the officer that the front door had been kicked in a vulgar graffiti had been spraypainted on interior walls. She stated nobody lives in the house and that it was used for storage by her brother.

The woman named a 42-year-old man and 27-year-old woman as suspects. Investigation continues.

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