Mrs. Amick’s third-grade class from Success Elementary School.

The Not So Royal Thanksgiving

Once upon a Thanksgiving there lived a queen. There also lived a princess. The princess’s name was Princess Pink. In the castle the princess was in her room trying to figure out how she was going to ask her mom if she could invite the town’s unicorn to the Thanksgiving feast. Finally she worked up the courage to ask her mom. She went down to her mom. Her mom was doing some paperwork. Then she asked her, “Mom can the town unicorn come to the castle for Thanksgiving?”

“No! Unicorns are not allowed in the castle.” said the queen. “But mom.” the princess said. “Back talking me huh! Go to your room.” the queen replied.

So the princess went to her room. Then an hour later she went back to talk to her mom. She asked, “If the unicorn can’t come can Alaina and Adyson?” “Yes.” the queen answered.

Later that Thanksgiving Alaina and Adyson showed up ready to eat. The only thing was that they had brought friends too. Alaina brought Bigfoot and Adyson brought Elf. “Everyone I am going to buy more food because I didn’t know that you two where going to bring friends.” said, the Queen.

“Okay mom.” said, Princess Pink. Soon the queen came back with more food, but it was eaten in less than five seconds, tthe urns out Bigfoot had a big appetite. The queen thought what if I just tell my little girl that unicorn can come. So she told Princess Pink that the town unicorn could come. The princess then told Adyson and Alaina that they needed to go home, so they went home. After that, the town unicorn came over and they all had real Thanksgiving.


A Thanksgiving Day

Once upon a time there was a sea exploring crew. Thier names were Captain, Diver 1, Diver 2, and Submarine driver. It was Thanksgiving Day everyone was home having a good time.

Three days later the sea exploring crew at the shoreline explore the sea. One day the crew found a sunken delivery ship, and the Captain wondered if the ship was supposed to make a delivery. So the Captain told Diver 1 to go down to the ship and see if the ship had any delivery crates. Diver 1 went down to the ship, and sure enough there were crates. Diver 1 couldn’t get the crates open, so he went back up to the ship. The Captain did not like it when he saw that Diver 1 didn’t have the crates. So the Captain sent Diver 2 down to get the crates open with his underwater blowtorch. Diver 2 got one crate open but not the other because a great white shark was coming after him, luckily Diver 2 escaped the great white shark just in time to get to the ship. Now the Captain was really mad, so he sent the submarine down to get the crates the submarine can’t be destroyed by the sharks, so the submarine driver got the crates and went up.

When the Captain saw that the submarine had the crates, he was really really happy. When Diver 2 opened the crates and saw that the crates had treasure in them. The Captain saw that one of the treasures was a gold turkey! The Captain said, Good job crew now let’s get these crates of treasure to the museum of sunken secrets and then we’ll go home to have a sea exploring Thanksgiving day celebration.

There will be turkey, cornbread, ham, deer meat, bacon, sausage, and pumpkin pie. For drinks, water and soda. But after the next two months are over, we’ll explore the sea and find all kinds of treasures!


A Real Story

Dog ate the turkey on Thanksgiving at my home. There was a turkey in the front yard. Dog chased the turkey around and around the houses. The turkey ran into a tree. The dog got it. Dog ate it whole. I looked out the window and saw him eat it.

I went out to the field and shot a buffalo with a bow and arrow. My brother carried it to the house. We cooked it in the oven. We ate buffalo on Thanksgiving at my house.


The Thanksgiving Day

Once upon a time Adyson was cutting the ham and the dog knocked the ham off the table. Then the dog started to eat the ham but the cat wanted to eat it too. But by the time the cat got there it was all gone because the cat is so fat it was always last. Then Adyson smacked the dog on the butt and threw her outside, so the dog ran away.

Adyson had to find her. Alaina, Lily, Maddy, Grandma, Dancer, and Princess looked all over for her and they couldn’t find her. But then she came back when they went to bed. In the morning she was right there so they had Thanksgiving and lived happily ever after.


R. See AMICK, A4

The Hunt

On Thanksgiving Bigfoot and the Evil Elf stole the Evil Queen for food. They got to the woods at 7:44 that night. The queen thought she was in another dimension.

They tied her to a tree. She chewed off the rope to get loose but they caught her again. This time they took off the sharp parts of the barb wire and wrapped her up to the tree. But she farted and it knocked out Bigfoot.

The queen ran away to the king and ate food and got fat. The Elf snuck into the caste and win the king looked away he put her in a sack along with fluffy puppy.


Farm on the Loose

One fine day in the backyard where the barn was Farmer Lily was feeding the animals.

It was too close to winter so she had to get the animals done quicker than normal.

“Now that it’s closer to winter what will I do.” she said.

Then one day the dog got loose but she caught him right by the leash. Then it was the cow, duck, pigs, and cat but the dog didn’t do it anymore because he knew if he did it again he would get in trouble.

So one fine day she went to an auction to get rid of the animals and she did, but she saved the dog because it was well behaved. So the dog and farmer Lily went home and had Thanksgiving.

The End


Shiloh’s Family Thanksgiving Day

It was Thursday morning on Thanksgiving Day and my family was chopping wood for my Aunt Charlotte. when we Were done we go to my grandma’s house. Grandma is in the kitchen cooking pumpkin pie for us.

My mom always brings deviled eggs for the family. I ate all the eggs before they could get their hands on them. So, they have to find the chickens for more eggs. When we found the chickens Big Red chased me to the house. Then we had to go to the store to get more eggs. When we got to the house we made more deviled eggs and when we got done we set the table.


Animal Thanksgiving

Once upon a time it was the day before Thanksgiving a terrible thing happened. Farmer Browns animals got out. Farmer Brown got his dog Spike to find the animals but Spike was too lazy.

Farmer Brown got animal control to find the animals in the woods. So eventually Farmer Brown got his animals back and chained the animals up so they could not get out. Farmer Brown sent Spike to watch the animals so they could not escape again. They could not get out anyway because the chain is bullet proof, fire proof, water proof, and tornado proof.



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