Ms. Starr’s second-grade class from Houston Elementary School.

Turkeys celebrate thanksgiving a little bit differently. For dinner they like to eat frogs. They like to spend the day getting coffee and eating pizza with pigs. They also like to play games called run as fast as you can and tag. They like to wear fancy stuff like suits and turkey dresses. Is that how you thought turkeys celebrated thanksgiving?


Turkeys do not celebrate thanksgiving the way we do. They call it the worst day of the year. They eat chicken for breakfast, hamburgers for lunch, and corn for dinner. They go in the woods to hide. They play a game called run away from the humans. Is that how you would like to celebrate Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving is a weird day for turkeys. They love to eat chicken soup. That is the main food that they eat on Thanksgiving Day. Turkeys spend the day with their mom. At night they go to Walmart to hide from hunters. When they come home from Walmart they play hide and seek. Turkeys are very weird.


Turkeys don’t celebrate thanksgiving like we do. I like thanksgiving, but turkeys might not. They call it Happy Gobble day. Turkeys spend their day hiding from humans because they don’t want to be eaten. I like thanksgiving but turkeys are weird.


Turkeys hate thanksgiving. They call it Turkeygiving. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner all they can eat is dry corn. They spend their whole day at the farm. On thanksgiving day their just wear their feathers. Happy Turkeygiving!


Turkeys celebrate differently than we do. They call Thanksgiving Fun Day because they play games like Go The Turkey. It is kind of like duck duck goose. They wear turkey clothes and hats. For dinner all they eat is corn. They go to the farm to work so they don’t get eaten. That is how turkeys celebrate thanksgiving day.


Turkeys have no idea how to celebrate Thanksgiving. They spend their day just walking around and falling down. Turkeys eat turkey food and corn for Thanksgiving dinner. At night they go into the woods with the other turkeys. Now you know how they spend thanksgiving.


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