Efforts of many led to distribution of Disney character to children

A big donation by a major United States corporation is giving joy to some children in this area.

Relief Share, a local charity, received about 48,000 Olaf characters from the Walt Disney Co. that made their way to people who work with children. Olaf is a fictional snowman character from the 2013 animated film, “Frozen,” produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Thanks to the volunteer efforts of many area residents, numerous boxes of Olafs were stashed in a warehouse at Licking and distributed to the organizations. Most recently, 2,784 of them made their way to the Salvation Army in Springfield.

“We assisted 1,695 children — all were given an Olaf on Christmas morning,” said Jeff Smith, social services director for the Salvation Army in Springfield.

Leftovers will be used in other programs for children through 2018.

“We were grateful for those to use in our Christmas Toy Shop,” Smith said. Others have popped up at other locations. Some were on display in a children’s section when the Cabool branch of the Texas County Library recently held an open house.

Carol Green, president of Relief Share, said area residents pitched in to provide transportation and help with distribution. The organizations range from Texas

County Memorial Hospital and Clinics to Texas County Food Pantry to Parents As Teachers and Division of Family Services.

Anyone who would like to obtain an Olaf character can email Green at info@ReliefShare.org.

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