Thanks to Healthy Schools Healthy Communities, a four-seat "We-Saw" will be installed this year at Emmett Kelly Park. The unit is designed for "kids of all ages."

• Stoops will conduct cooking classes in January and February.

• The “Missouri Livable Streets” policy will be introduced and offered as an option.

“If it’s implemented, that would be huge for Houston,” Stoops said.

• The Texas County Health Department will again host a “maintain or lose challenge” weight-loss program.

“We lost a combined 100 pounds last year,” Stoops said. “We’re going to waste away to nothing over the next two years.”

• The school district will be asked to offer healthier choices at concession stands.

Stoops said her perception of the outcome of HSHC efforts in Texas County in 2017 was nothing but positive.

“Wow,” she said, “there was a lot going on during the year. And so many people have come together for HSHC and more and more people are starting to catch on to what’s going on with HSHC.”

For more information about upcoming projects and programs related to HSHC, call Stoops at her office at the health department at 417-967-4131 or email

“I just want to encourage people to get involved,” Stoops said. “It’s easy to say you want your kids to eat better and get more active, but becoming a part of this initiative takes a little doing.”

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