Located on Highway B a few miles east of Houston, the Big Piney Sportsman’s Club offers gun enthusiasts several high-quality shooting venues, including a 600-yard benchrest range (outfitted with 20 stations and a roof), a variety of pistol ranges and multiple shorter rifle ranges.

The club has in the past hosted several major shooting events, including the International Benchrest Shooters (IBS) 600-Yard Nationals in 2016 and the 2014 Missouri State Championships.

Club president Bob Roach points out how competitive events hosted by the facility have a profound impact on the local economy.

“Lots of ammunition gets bought at many local stores, as well as other shooting supplies and things people need,” Roach said. “And of course, the motels, gas stations and restaurants all benefit in a big way.”

Lots of information – including how to join and a schedule of activities and competitions – can be found on the club’s website, www.bigpineysportmansclub.com. Roach can be reached by phone at 417-457-6248 or by email at roachw@wildblue.net.

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