Studio Bee operates from Grand Avenue near Pine Street in Houston. Several different classes are offered:

• Hot Yoga — a vinyasa style (flow from one movement to the next) practice where music is blaring, heat is high and sweat is pouring. It’s a connection with an intense workout to boost. (60 minute class)

• Yin — passive yoga practice. Each pose is held 3-5 minutes and breathing techniques and practices to connect the breath to the body to the mind. Non-heated. (60 minute class)

• FIRE — it’s hot! Strength meets yoga meets circuit training. Lose your breath to find your breath. Thirty seconds of strength followed by 30 seconds of yoga and breath focus. Three rounds of 20 different exercises and poses. Same rotation all month long. (45 minutes)

• Tabata — an intense HIIT that requires all you have for only 20 seconds before you rest for 10. It’s all cardio with light to minimal weights, if at all. Eight rounds for eight cycles. (45 minute class)

• EPOC — the name derives from what happens to your body AFTER the workout. Intense strength building workout for a short amount of time using large muscle groups which trigger 48 hours of calorie burn after the workout’s completion. All you’ve got for 30-35 minutes.

• Mash-up — it’s that. A little flava of everything. Hip moving dance meets circuit meets Tabata meets strength meets a high energy environment where you’re sure to leave sweaty! (60 minute class)

The studio also has its own line of clothing and provides mats and water. Class times vary. The first class is always free, said owner Kayla Gaston.

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