Members of the Texas County Commission handled several matters recently at the Texas County Administrative Center in Houston, according to minutes.  Credit: HOUSTON HERALD FILE PHOTO

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Members of the Texas County Commission met Sept. 15-16 to transact business, according to minutes it released last Thursday.


•Discussed contacting people who might have ideas as to recruiting someone to become the maintenance supervisor.

•Noted the payroll for county employees was completed a day late and ultimately, the treasurer’s office completed the task rather the clerk’s office.

•Reviewed and approved the lump payment option for City of Houston utilities. It concerns a period when electrical costs surged last February. Businesses can either pay over two years or make one payment.

•Discussed the Board of Bills for inmates in jail to pay part of the cost. The county commission will plan a meeting with all parties involved to try and determine what this issue is with bills not getting turned in for reimbursement.

•Reviewed and acknowledged the hiring of Charles Joshua Smith as deputy county clerk responsible for payroll and accounts payment effective Sept. 13.

•Discussed with the county clerk accounts payable #18. The county clerk refused to provide invoices and payables for the county commission to review so bills could get paid in a timely manner, it said.

•The county commission issued a commission order to the county clerk concerning tax rates, levies and assessments being pulled through the system correctly and in a timely manner.

•Visited with Circuit Clerk Marci Mosley related to several issues with the new telephone system, including the lack of response from phone management, as well as the firm not understanding the importance of reliability when jurors call for appointments. The county commission will call the phone supplier and inform him of the importance of quality business practices and service.

•Discussed with Lynn Lewis concerning workers at the library. The commission encouraged her to contact the library board.

•Met with Roy Kinder concerning properties sold for contract for deeds and ways to curtail it. The commission informed him that civil suits could be filed or the county would have to implement planning and zoning.

•Received a call from Luke Woolsey, Date Township board member, concerning Pine Crest Drive and the National Park Service. The commission will meet with the township and park service to discuss.

•Met with Lee Smith concerning items needing repairs at the Texas County Justice Center.

•Visited with Karen James, community representative with Drury University in Houston, about the American Rescue Plan Act and how it might help students there. No action was taken. The commission said it will continue to research all possible uses of the money.

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