• There’s a flip side to consent
    In a follow-up to last week’s version of this column, I’d like to point out that there are two sides to the issue of “consent of the governed.”
  • When consent isn’t a big priority
    Not long ago, a man I know fairly well asked me if I had given much consideration to the phrase “consent of the governed.”
  • Not done just yet
    Reacting to a fellow journalist’s inquiry over a widely circulated rumor, famous Missourian Samuel Clemens once wrote, “the report of my death was an exaggeration.”
  • It’s all about different viewpoints
    To each his own.
  • Spaceflight for real
    The man who’s famous for depicting a fictional character who was willing to “boldly go where no man has gone before” has now actually gone where few men have gone before.
  • Now is the time
    There are a lot of people who think that the current times are among the worst in the history of mankind.
  • Why not be nice?
    Every day has some sort of special designation.
  • The season with two names
    Call it autumn, call it fall, but there’s something special about the only season with two names.
  • A huge potential threat
    These days, people on Earth face a lot of potential threats.
  • A victory for the ages
    From a human standpoint, 40 years is a long time.
  • Have we been our own economic enemies?
    I recently heard on a news report about how people in this country are losing confidence in the future of the economy as they watch what’s going on these days.
  • Where old sayings come from, part 25
    I never get tired of examining the origins of the countless old sayings and slang words and phrases that are so often uttered in every day conversation by users of the English language.
  • What’s wrong with 13?
    A short time ago, another Friday came along that was the 13th day of the month.
  • More weird laws around the U.S.
    In every American state, there are laws that are at least unusual, and sometimes mind-boggling.
  • County fair delivers again
    Year after year, the Texas County Fair proves to be an amazing event, and this year’s 71st edition was no exception.

Guest Columns

  • Don’t talk with your mouth full!
    The holidays are upon us.
  • A letter to the King
    In Congress, July 4, 1776, a unanimous declaration was made by the 13 United States of America.
  • Notes on Armistice Day
    The end of World War I hostilities in 1918 was commemorated as Armistice Day and became a legal holiday in the United States in 1938.
  • I got him!
    Hunting season is a very popular time here in the Ozarks.
  • Don’t click that! Scammers are preying on holiday shoppers buying gifts early
    The Better Business Bureau offers tips on early Christmas shopping.
  • Notes on Armistice Day
    The end of World War I hostilities in 1918 was commemorated as Armistice Day and became a legal holiday in the United States in 1938.
  • BBB: Before going pink, take time to think!
    Breast Cancer Awareness Month brings with it a wave of appeals to donate to breast cancer charities. BBB advises consumers to research charities and cause-related products carefully before making a donation or buying a pink-ribbon product.
  • Unknown emergencies
    Education is always key in any aspect of life, and that is no different with the use of 9-1-1.
  • When the president is ailing
    Before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the rules for succession to the presidency were somewhat vague.
  • BBB warns against fake vaccination cards; offers guidance for travel, dining i.d.
    As more and more public places begin requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19 in order to enter, scammers are taking advantage of the news to offer phony “vaccine passports.”
  • All the other rights and powers
    As U.S. Citizens, you have the right to express your opinion to your Congressional representatives.
  • What is the plan?
    There are many different types of family plans, and the one I will be focusing on today is the after-school plan.
  • BBB Tips: Donating to Relief Efforts in Haiti and Afghanistan
    During humanitarian crises like those that have emerged from the recent earthquake in Haiti and political instability in Afghanistan, many people are sympathetic to the victims and want to help them.
  • BBB tips: Finding a trusted tutor as school resumes
    With school starting, now is a great time to consider what tutoring needs your child might have during the year ahead, whether it’s catching up in a subject area or preparing for a standardized test.
  • Prank caller
    When you were younger or when 9-1-1 first came to Texas County, did you ever wonder if it really does work?