• Ways foods can improve your health, part 2
    Recommendations and suggestions regarding foods and their various favorable attributes are commonplace in many forms of media, but I feel like there’s more to the story than what we’re typically told, and there are things we can do to assist foods in bestowing their benefits upon us.
  • Perspective from a genius
    Physicist Albert Einstein is widely regarded as one of the smartest people to ever live.
  • Not at all common
    There’s a phrase you’ll hear people use pretty frequently in one form or another these days: Common sense is no longer very common.
  • Where old sayings come from, part 28
    I’ll never get tired of sifting through the many old sayings and idioms that are such a significant and vital component of the English language.
  • Some bothersome things
    I don’t have many “pet peeves,” but there are a few things in life I do find a bit bothersome.
  • Progress or peril?
    These days, something new and weird seems to pop up every day in the complicated realm of information.
  • Jefferson’s words ring true today
    Almost exactly 10 years ago, I wrote about several quotes from Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States.
  • What if?
    Everywhere you look these days, there are signs of uneasiness, uncertainty or unrest, and confusion and chaos are commonplace.
  • Ready to adapt
    While I was pondering the state of everything recently, I had a thought that made me really stop and consider it.
  • Self-respect might help
    In a recent conversation, a friend and I discussed how many of the 330-million or so people currently living in the United States (or the 7-or-8 billion on Earth, for that matter) don’t appear to have much respect for themselves.
  • Wishes for 2023
    With uncertainty at an all-time high these days, it’s pretty hard to get a feel for what will, might, won’t or can’t happen.
  • Strange but true facts, part 5
    As a means of furthering peoples’ knowledge of that which spurs curiosity, amazement and disbelief (and maybe apathy), here is another set of odd but true snippets of information.
  • Remembering a special coach
    It’s interesting how we can all sometimes experience deep sorrow when someone we really don’t know dies.
  • Don’t expect much from officiating in high school sports
    The shortcomings of officiating in high school sports is something I’ve touched on before in this column series.
  • This is what happens
    Recent events in China represent a prime example of what happens when a large group of people is oppressed for a significant period of time.

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