• A huge potential threat
    These days, people on Earth face a lot of potential threats.
  • A victory for the ages
    From a human standpoint, 40 years is a long time.
  • Have we been our own economic enemies?
    I recently heard on a news report about how people in this country are losing confidence in the future of the economy as they watch what’s going on these days.
  • Where old sayings come from, part 25
    I never get tired of examining the origins of the countless old sayings and slang words and phrases that are so often uttered in every day conversation by users of the English language.
  • What’s wrong with 13?
    A short time ago, another Friday came along that was the 13th day of the month.
  • More weird laws around the U.S.
    In every American state, there are laws that are at least unusual, and sometimes mind-boggling.
  • County fair delivers again
    Year after year, the Texas County Fair proves to be an amazing event, and this year’s 71st edition was no exception.
  • A milestone reached
    As weird as it may seem, this is officially the 500th entry into this column series.
  • Where old sayings come from, part 24
    Every day, you’ll sometimes hear people speaking English use clever, creative phrases in place of standard words or terminology.
  • An incredible pool of water
    My wife Wendy and I took some friends who recently moved to Texas County to one of our favorite places in the Missouri Ozarks.
  • What is truth?
    Pontius Pilate, governor of the Roman province of Judea, is credited with an infamous quote in John 18:38 of the Bible. “What is truth?” he said. While Pilate wasn’t really asking the question in search of an answer, but was instead attempting to justify his own actions with a rhetorical remark, his words nonetheless went […]
  • Good advice
    I recently came across a list of some darn good advice offered up by a nameless “old farmer.”
  • The UFO issue
    When I recently listened to former Texas County Sheriff Carl Watson describe his UFO encounter while on duty as a Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper in 1976, I got chills and goose bumps.
  • To join or to impose?
    There’s no arguing that there are a lot of new faces in Houston and the surrounding area.
  • A big canine ‘visitor’
    Someone I know very well recently saw a gray wolf near Houston.

Guest Columns

  • BBB warns against fake vaccination cards; offers guidance for travel, dining i.d.
    As more and more public places begin requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19 in order to enter, scammers are taking advantage of the news to offer phony “vaccine passports.”
  • All the other rights and powers
    As U.S. Citizens, you have the right to express your opinion to your Congressional representatives.
  • What is the plan?
    There are many different types of family plans, and the one I will be focusing on today is the after-school plan.
  • BBB Tips: Donating to Relief Efforts in Haiti and Afghanistan
    During humanitarian crises like those that have emerged from the recent earthquake in Haiti and political instability in Afghanistan, many people are sympathetic to the victims and want to help them.
  • BBB tips: Finding a trusted tutor as school resumes
    With school starting, now is a great time to consider what tutoring needs your child might have during the year ahead, whether it’s catching up in a subject area or preparing for a standardized test.
  • Prank caller
    When you were younger or when 9-1-1 first came to Texas County, did you ever wonder if it really does work?
  • Three Amendments responding to British injustice in the Colonies
    Three Amendments responding to British injustice in the Colonies
  • BBB warning: college students are identity theft targets
    In the midst of back-to-school hustle and bustle, parents need to make time to talk to their students about money and protecting themselves against identity theft while they’re on or off campus during the pandemic.
  • Someone is outside my house
    Many times, there are callers who are frequent or call in many times for the same type of call.
  • Non-emergency
    Have you dialed the number to your police department and had a conversation similar to this one before?
  • Protecting the rights of the accused
    The Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees that individuals cannot be compelled by the government to provide incriminating information about themselves. It provides the so-called “right to remain silent.”
  • Private property and privacy
    Continuing our tour of the Bill of Rights, Article III (Amendment 3 – Quartering Soldiers – as it was written): “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner; nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.”
  • The right that protects all the others
    “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”
  • What’s in an address?
    Most people assume an address is only for the mail delivery and treat it as such.
  • It’s about the Bill of Rights
    Do any veterans or other patriotic citizens have any doubt about the importance of the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution?