Radio Club Participates in Event at Houston Storm Shelter

The Ozark Mountain Amateur Radio Club participated in the annual winter field days last weekend.

The local “hams” set up their radios in the City of Houston’s new storm shelter and improvised antenna setup outside the structure. The objective was to communicate with as may other “hams” throughout the country as possible in a 24-hour period. Contacts were made across the United States and Canada.

Club President Willy Adey said the winter event was not as successful as the summer event but the club learned some valuable lessons operating from the new storm shelter. City of Houston Mayor Steve Hutcheson and Emergency Management Director Bill Nichols visited the site and were delighted with the success of the operation. Both said that in case of disasters or emergencies, operations in the storm shelter would be a definite possibility.

Club members were impressed with the facilities and thank the city for helping make the exercise a success.

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