Miss Texas County Outstanding Teen To Compete for State Title

The Miss Texas County Scholarship Pageant Board announced Shaina King, Miss Texas County’s Outstanding Teen, will compete for a state title through the Miss America Organization.

She will compete at Miss Missouri’s Outstanding Teen in June representing the Texas County area. Shaina is a junior at Summersville High School. For her talent, she will perform point ballet to the Carrie Underwood hit “So Small.”

“I’m excited about the opportunity to compete at the state level,” King said. “I really want to develop my skills personally and professionally for the future.”

The Miss Missouri Outstanding Teen Pageant is a state preliminary to the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen title, under the Miss America Organization. Miss Texas County Scholarship Pageants is a local preliminary franchise of the Miss America Organization.

The Miss America Organization is one of the nation’s leading achievement programs and the world’s largest provider of scholarship assistance for young women. Last year, the organization and its state and local affiliates made available more than $45 million in cash and scholarship assistance.

For more information or to compete, contact Cynthia Spratt via email: Cynthia@bigcountry99.com.

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