The top of a tree is destroyed in Pine Lawn Cemetery. A new pavilion was demolished there.

Updated at 10:46 p.m. Work continues to restore utilities in the City of Houston today.

Cable, telephone and electrical crews are in neighbors. CenturyTel reported its main problems were in the Summersville area.

Earlier: About 20 percent of the City of Houston is without electrical service, according to an assessment made late Friday afternoon from Houston City Hall.

“We’re pretty lucky it’s not worse,” said City Administrator Larry Sutton. “For as many trees down, it could have been much worse.”

Hundreds of trees are toppled. At Houston House alone, 12 received damage.

Lines and transformers were down across the city. Late this afternoon, city officials told the Herald:

*The city’s electrical department was working near the Ed Goldsmith residence on South Oak Crest to replace a line. Sutton termed the effort “difficult” because of many downed trees.

*A pavilion at Pinelawn Cemetery was destroyed.

*The city is asking for a disaster declaration for the community.

Sutton said persons with an electrical problem can call Houston City Hall at 417-967-3348. Crews will continue to work throughout the weekend to restore power.

In cases where the weatherhead as been ripped from the house, homeowners are asked to call an electrician.

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