Licking man wins ,003 with lottery ticket

Vietnam veteran Lonnie Lane of Licking is “just happy” after discovering he won $3,003 on a Missouri Lottery “Triple Bingo” Scratchers ticket July 16.

Lane, a first-time Lottery winner, and his son each bought “Triple Bingo” tickets at Corner Express in Licking. As luck would have it, the winning ticket wound up in the father’s hands.

“My son said the winning ticket could’ve been his,” mused Lane with a laugh.

Lane was at home sitting at the kitchen table when he scratched the winning ticket and revealed the prize.

“My wife said, ‘Let me have a look at that ticket,'” he added. “She said, ‘Yep, you really won!'”

After receiving confirmation from his wife, the father of two and grandfather of one shared the news with his 5-year-old granddaughter.

“My granddaughter wants a new swing set, so some of the money will go to that,” he explained.

Lane, 61, plans to use the rest of the prize money to pay bills and take a fishing trip.

When asked what advice he’d give to fellow Lottery players searching for that winning ticket, he said to “keep looking, because the winning tickets are out there.”

“Triple Bingo,” a $3 game with a top prize of $50,000, began on June 13. To date, five top prizes, as well as thousands of $3 to $25,003 prizes remain in play.

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