Monday was a busy day for firefighters in Texas County. Numerous grass fires were reported, and a trailer in western Texas County was destroyed.

The Roby Fire Department was called to Prairie Road, where a grass fire was reported nearing a house Monday afternoon. Houston also was called for manpower.

At 3:56 p.m., Roby’s fire department was called to a structure fire in the same general area. At 4:07 p.m.: Houston was paged to return to the scene. At 5:15  p.m.: Red Cross officials were notified of persons who lived at the trailer. Later in the evening, the fire rekindled. 

Other fire calls:

•1:22 p.m: A grass fire was reported on Kimble Road at Licking, and it was nearing cedar trees. The Licking Fire Department responded.

•At 6:21 p.m.: A field fire was reported near the one-lane bridge at Highway M and Roubidoux. Huggins Fire Department was dispatched, as was Roby.

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