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Houston Schools reported Monday afternoon it had identified an ‘unspecified alleged threat’ made by one of its students.

Dr. Allen Moss, superintendent, said law enforcement officials have detained the student. He said while he and the district take the threat seriously, he did not believe there was ever an imminent danger.

“We feel like we caught this before it became a danger,” Moss said.

According to Moss, the district was made aware over the weekend of comments made by a student via text message. He said multiple students reported the comments to school officials.

Houston Police Chief Tim Ceplina said his department worked alongside the juvenile office and Texas County Sheriff’s Department to investigate. He said one juvenile “admitted to sending text messages to other students.” He said no physical evidence was discovered to support a threat to the district. 

Just before 1 p.m. Monday, the district shared information about the threat on its Facebook page and made a “school reach” call to parents. The message said school will continue Monday and Tuesday – the final half day of the year – as planned.

“We have taken every step possible to ensure student safety,” the statement said. “At this time we believe there is not an imminent threat to student or staff safety.”

Moss said the source of the alleged threat was quickly identified, and the district has been working with law enforcement to investigate.

“It was handled very quickly,” Moss said. “We appreciate the students that reported this before it got any further.


“Earlier this morning, the police department received information regarding threats made towards the Houston schools and students. As we take all threats very seriously, our department, working with the school, Juvenile Office and Texas County Sheriff’s Department conducted a thorough investigation of the threat. One juvenile admitted to sending text messages to other students. No physical evidence was found to support that there is an imminent threat to the school or the students. The juvenile is being evaluated and is detained. School is to remain in session.

“The safety of our children, especially while in school, is of the utmost importance to our law enforcement. School should be a safe haven for students to learn without fear. We will continue to do everything in our power to ensure this remains the case. If you hear a threat directed towards the school or another person or establishment, do not hesitate to contact us or the school.”


“The Houston School District and law enforcement officials are currently investigating an alleged threat by a student on Monday, 5/20/2019. The source of the alleged threat has been identified and detained. We have and will continue to work with law enforcement to resolve this matter. We have taken every step possible to ensure student safety. At this time we believe there is not an imminent threat to student or staff safety. School will continue to be in session today and half of a day tomorrow as previously scheduled.

“If you receive information regarding student or staff safety that concerns you, please contact the school or law enforcement immediately. Thank you for working together to support our students and families.”

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