Missouri’s road infrastructure has been deemed eighth-worst among the 50 United States — the same ranking the Show-Me State received in an unrelated recent report on its health care system.

QuoteWizard, a website published by Lending Tree (an online company that sells car insurance, loans and other financial products) recently crunched some numbers from the Federal Highway Administration to deliver the opinion.

“Rankings are a composite score based on a state’s rating in percentage of poor condition roads, annual cost per motorist from roads in need of repair and percentage of structurally deficient bridges,” QuoteWizard said.

The ranking’s key findings indicate Missouri roads in poor condition make up 23 percent of the state’s total roads.

The annual cost per motorist “due to roads in need of repair” is $699 in Missouri.

Missouri’s “structurally deficient” bridges make up 12 percent of the state’s total bridges.

According to the report, the very worst roads in the naton belong to Rhode Island. Missouri’s neighboring states landed all over the rankings:

•Oklahoma is the second-worst. 

•Illinois came in 22nd.

•Kansas was 27th.

•Iowa was 29th;

•Nebraska was 30th

•Arkansas was 39th.

•Kentucky was 40th.

•Tennessee did best among Missouri neighbors – and all states – at 50th place, it was ranked as having the best roads in the nation.


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