[Editor’s note: The Texas County Democrat Central Committee released this platform Friday in advance of the 2020 election]

 Democrats support healthcare in Texas County

I.  We will nominate and support Texas County candidates who pledge assistance and support for the local healthcare industry in Texas County.  The Texas County Memorial Hospital along with the numerous clinics, pharmacies and nursing homes in Texas County comprise one of the  largest employment sectors in the county.  These jobs are the core of our local economy.  We support measures which maintain and expand the number of these critical jobs.

II. We support access to healthcare for Texas County citizens who have jobs without insurance and can’t afford to see a doctor.  Our hardworking neighbors should have affordable healthcare.

III. We support the Texas County Memorial Hospital and will work to keep it open. 

Since 2014, nine rural hospitals, most in southern Missouri, have closed for good forcing people to drive further when suffering from a stroke or heart attack or another medical emergency.   These hospital closures have depressed local economies and forced medical professionals to move from the communities.  We will work to prevent that happening in Texas County. 

IV. We support the initiative petition, Expand Medicaid 2020-063. Many working families without insurance earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to be able to afford coverage on the health insurance exchange. Medicaid expansion would close that gap and ensures hardworking Missourians will have access to affordable health care. It would cover all Missourians who earn less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level. That is less than $18,000 for an individual or $30,000 for a family of three.

The federal government will provide 90 percent of the funding for this expansion. Medicaid expansion would bring our tax dollars back to Texas County from Washington, D.C., every year, to boost our economy and keep our hospital and clinics open.  That’s money that 36 other states get right now but Missouri has lost out for years.  Currently, Texas County families who can’t afford health insurance end up in the emergency room to treat neglected illness.  Our county hospital foots the bill.  Texas County Memorial Hospital’s uncompensated care is 8.7 percent of gross revenue.  This is not a sustainable loss. Medicaid expansion will provide fairer compensation to all rural hospitals including ours in Texas County.

V.  We welcome our Texas County neighbors and  friends to join with us to promote quality health care and protect economic prosperity in our county.  

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