The annual Texas County 4-H recognition night took place Nov. 26 in the Lone Star Annex meeting room at the University of Missouri Texas County Extension center in Houston.

This year, Texas County 4-H had 216 youth participants and 37 volunteers. Youth who participated in awards night completed project records and recognition forms on the projects they had completed during the program year. 4-H classes are divided by age, with Clover Kids ages 5 to 7, Level 1 ages 8 to 10, Level 2 ages 11 to 13 and Level 3 ages 14 to 18. 

Clover Kids participants included Willa Appleton, Kit Benne, Rachel Hagler, Landon Parish, Clara Pereslete, Hunter Sutton, Joel Sutton and Rebekah Sutton. Other county 4-H participants were Oliver Appleton, Ashlynn Burns, Kaitlyn Davis, Kataryna Davis, Adam Hagler, Cassandra Hines, Lilly Hines, Brighton Hutson, Case Jones, Kayden Keller, Shiane Parish, Heidi Pereslete, Vera Pereslete, Ben Steelman, Junior Strohschein, Caleb Sutton, Daniel Sutton, Evie Sutton, Joshiah Sutton, Joshua Sutton and Benjamin Sutton.

4-H Clover Kids

Texas County 4-H Clover Kids participants in 2019 included Willa Appleton, Kit Benne, Rachel Hagler, Landon Parish, Clara Pereslete, Hunter Sutton, Joel Sutton and Rebekah Sutton.

•Youth Completing the Level 1 Recognition Form placings: First, Shiane Parish; second, Adam Hagler; third, Vera Pereslete.

4-H Level 1

Texas County 4-H Level 1 participants in 2019 included, from left, Adam Hagler, Vera Pereslete, Heidi Pereslete, Kataryna Davis and Shiane Parish.

•Youth Completing the Level 2 Recognition Form placings: First, Ben Steelman; second, Lilly Hines; third, Cassandra Hines.

4-H Level 2

Texas County 4-H Level 2 participants in 2019 included, from left, Ben Steelman, Lilly Hines, Cassandra Hines.

•Youth Completing Level 3 Recognition Form placings: First, Junior Stroschein; second, Evie Sutton.

4-H Level 3

Junior Stroschein was one of two Texas County 4-H Level 3 participants in 2019. The other was Evie Sutton.

Texas County 4-H also recognized the program’s volunteers, who Regional 4-H youth development specialist Janice Weddle said are the foundation of the program. 

“They are not only an asset to the 4-H program but an asset to this community,” Weddle said. “Thank you to the volunteers for making the community a better place for us all.”  

Weddle also thanked the program’s sponsors, including The Bank of Houston, Landmark Bank, Progressive Ozark Bank, Walmart, Security Bank of the Ozarks, the Texas County Health Department, Citizens for Ross, Mitchell Insurance Agency and the CHC Home Center.

For more information on joining 4-H or being a volunteer, call Weddle at the University of Missouri Wright County Extension office at 417-349-4134 or email her at weddlejd@missouri.edu. 

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