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Several investigations were handled by the Texas County Sheriff's Department recently.

The following are reports recently generated by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department:

•A 25-year-old Willow Springs man reported on June 18 that he was the victim of an incident involving assault and property damage.

The man told an investigating deputy that he was at a location near a river called “Blue Hole” and went to move his vehicle closer to the river in order to listen to music.

The man said he moved the vehicle quickly, which caused some gravel to sling. He said another man then ran up onto the hood of his vehicle and kicked in the windshield.

The man said a woman then came up to his vehicle and punched him in the face multiple times, and another woman threw a rock that hit him in the back.

The man’s girlfriend allegedly witnessed the incident, and both signed voluntary statement forms.

The investigating deputy reported that the injury on the man’s back wasn’t consistent with being hit by a rock, and the damage to his vehicle’s windshield wasn’t consistent with being “kicked in” due to the impact area not bearing signs of the imprint a foot would make.

The alleged suspects weren’t contacted due to their names and addresses being unknown. The case was closed pending any new evidence.

•A deputy responded on June 22 to a report of a disturbance at a Reed Road residence at Licking.

On the way there, the officer was advised that a woman was there who had multiple active felony warrants.

Several deputies arrived on scene and surrounded the house, announcing their presence several times. The wanted woman was reported visible through a window, and she was given several commands to exit but refused for close to 20 minutes.

Officers finally made entry through the front door and found the woman hiding in a closet. Leighann M. McGaughey, 24, of 11309 Reed Road in Licking, was arrested and taken to the Texas County Jail.

One of the warrants was for a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance and two misdemeanor charges, while the other warrant was for a felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident, along with three misdemeanor charges. The first warrant was capias with no bond to appear before a judge, and the second had a bond set at $150,000.

Texas County Jail admissions

The Texas County Jail.

June 27

Ashley Wells-Barton – driving while revoked

Adam Morgan – stealing $750 or more

Kyla N. Pribble – passing bad checks

June 28

Brent Lambert – drug charges

Jennifer Lane – possession of controlled substance

Danny J. Quaite – possession of controlled substance

Salena E. Hicks – 48-hour commitment

Don V. Palermo – driving while revoked

Edward Skaggs – rape, sodomy

Billy Goodwin – possession of controlled substance

Martin Gonzalez – property damage, speeding

June 29

Tom Whetzell – murder

Kody Carter – DWI

Jessica Johnson – warrant

Joshua Baldridge – warrant

Austin Snyder – assault

June 30

Mickey Brooks – possession of controlled substance

Jason Brazell – assault

Kayla Cantrell – forgery

Roy Lask – 72-hour commitment

Korbyn Tune – warrant

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